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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

If you havn't already, signup for access to the Charis Livestream. You will also be able to Catchup with recorded events. Follow the link in this article to Sign In and view.

The Next Live Stream

Saturday, 12 September

1:30 to 4:30 pm

from the Wellington Park Hotel.

Click on the image to go the live stream

or review the links below for more.

Most of the live streams will be saved on the Charis Youtube channel. You will need to have already signed up and been approved if you want to see video that are held on the private channel. When viewing on youtube, the account that you used to signup with Charis must also be signed up with Youtube. Youtube is free. Most of you will already have signed in with a gmail account that will already have Youtube access. You will find links to the Charis Youtube channel all around the website, though it is here below if you want to visit now.

You will always find a link to the live stream on the following link:

You can always find the video page under the members button on the menu bar at the top of each page.

Here you will also find the present live stream feedback survey:

If you find that you can't see video or the live stream then let us know:

This website is always a work in progress and if you have some skills in live streaming or web development, then please let us know.

YouTube Channel

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